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Over the past 35 years the Los Cazadores Contests have become the premier hunting and outdoor contests in Texas!

We’re home to largest whitetail deer contest in the world, and there’s so much more than that. With more than 175 contest divisions there’s something for everyone as well as weekly winners. Join us and enter your trophy in a true Texas hunting tradition.

Los Cazadores 2022 Contests

Whitetail Deer

Where it all started, the Los Cazadores whitetail deer contest. First held in 1986, we’ve grown to be the world’s largest whitetail contest with over 150 divisions and weekly winners.


If you’re hunting in Mexico, call 830-334-5959.

Whitetail Shed

The Loz Cazadores whitetail shed contest offers multiple categories for the best trophies picked up throughout Texas.

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Strut your stuff and enter your bird in our turkey contest. Overall winners in each division for combined weight, spur and beard length as well as winners for each subcategory.

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Gather your team and sign up for one of the most exhilarating contests! Every moment counts in the predator contest.



Current contest results for all categories and divisions are updated daily throughout the season. Check back often to track your progress and view the leaderboard.

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Weekly Contests

There are more ways to win with Los Cazadores Weekly Contests. More than $3,000 worth of prized will be awarded throughout the deer season as we host weekly contests such as “10 point closest to 150” or “Longest Spike”. Simply register for the contest and check your deer into Pearsall or Stonewall the week of each contest to qualify.

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Contest Rules & FAQs

We’ve put together a detailed list of rules and FAQs to share everything you need to know about Los Cazadores contests. Visit our contest page to learn about rules, registration, entry fees, categories, divisions, scoring and much more. Have a question? Just ask!

Contest Rules and FAQs

Trophy Scan

Trophy Scans is the official scoring system for all Los Cazadores contests.

The Trophy Scan scoring method utilizes a patented technology called VoluMetrics, which was designed by an international team of hunter-programmers to map millions of data points captured by a unique 3D scan of any trophy game animal. Once the data is captured, VoluMetrics’ algorithms compute virtually any measurement with stunning speed and accuracy. VoluMetrics instantly counts, labels and measures all tine lengths, as well as inside, outside and tip-to-tip spreads before recording myriad mass measurements and other calculations.

Because antlers, horns, and animal skulls are three-dimensional objects, measuring them in two-dimensional linear units (inches, feet, yards, etc.) is inherently limited. Three-dimensional cubic measurements, however, account for every bit of bone, horn, or antler the animal grows without penalizing it for non-uniformity or small tine length. But while the volume of uniform objects is simple to calculate, complex organic shapes such as deer antlers are not.

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