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Wildgame Innovations Universal Feeder Remote Control Unit

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  • Engineered to be used with both 6V and 12V systems
  • Proprietary junction box design allows for effective use with various motor types and power sources
  • Unique receiver design protects the antenna in a weather proof housing
  • True universal power remote control system
  • Pressure activated, spring loaded antenna release allows the user to fold the antenna away for protection while unit is not in use
  • Feed time duration's from 1 to 90 seconds
  • Battery included (replacement battery type 12V, 12A battery)

Activate your feeder from a distance with the Universal Feeder Remote Control Unit and avoid spooking deer or other game you have in your sights. This unit is compatible with most electronic feeders regardless of brand. The convenient remote control allows you to activate your feeder from the tree stand or truck, offering endless new possibilities and more efficient and covert scouting.