Whitetail Shed Contest Registration

Enter now to compete in the competition!

2021 Los Cazadores Whitetail Shed Hunting Contest 

March 13th- May 16th, 2021


Check in Location(s):

Los Cazadores Located at 490 S. I-35 Pearsall, TX 78061

Los Cazadores Located at 14887 E US HWY 290 Stonewall, TX 78671



Registration for the Shed Contest can be completed at any Los Cazadores Location or online at loscazadores.com with an entry fee of $20 

The Shed Contest shall be included for Lifetime Members and those who have purchased the Annual Membership for the 2020-2021 Season. 



Photos of found sheds shall be taken at the time the shed is located. NO POSING OF PHOTOS. Field Photos may or may not include the person who has located the shed(s). All photos must be time stamped and will be checked by the judge upon arrival. 



Entries must be brought to the check-in locations in Pearsall & Stonewall during business hours. There will be no limitations on how many entries brought per contestant. 


Divisions & Rules:

- All shed(s) must be found organically. No posing or using shed(s) previously found and in your possession. 

- The use of dogs is permitted 

- There will be 3 divisions- Open (Sheds found in breeder pens, tagged deer) High Fence and Low Fence. Be honest! 

- High and Low Fence sheds must be found in an open pasture. 

- Whitetail deer sheds only 

- Only naturally dropped sheds will be permitted for this contest. No aiding in the dropping process. 

- All winners are subject to a polygraph. 


Point System: All Divisions 

- +1 point for each tine or scoreable abnormal point 

- +5 points for matching sets 


The Hunter's goal is to accumulate as many points as possible. In the event that there is a tie- the person who entered the most sheds will win. 


Awards will be permitted to the following:

1st, 2nd & 3rd Overall (most points accumulated)- Open, High Fence & Low Fence