StalkingShield Nature Blinds

StalkingShield Nature Blinds

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Not everyone likes to sit in a blind, waiting for the game to come to them. Now you can hunt outside of the box with the Larry Weishuhn Signature Series StalkingShield™.

Collaboratively designed with the world-renowned spot-and-stalk hunter, “Mr. Whitetail” has proven its capabilities in the USA, Canada and Africa, taking routes to trophies that left lifetime professional guides speechless!

This lightweight shield was designed to be easily carried with your bow or firearm.

Width - 26"
Height - 44"
Weight - 8 lbs

Key Features:

Lightweight and Portable, Realistic Bark Texture, Designed Collaboratively with Larry Weishuhn, Integrated Kickstand Rotates for Upright or Prone Use, Easy to Grip Handle