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QUA 5300-8 Claw Contr Rfl Sling Blk

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If you are looking for an extreme conditions padded sling for your rifle or shotgun, then you need to look no further than the Quake Claw Contour Sling. The Claw Contour Sling is one of the best non-slip padded slings in existence because of its unique gripping action that is molded into the webbing that gives about half an inch of stretch. Half of an inch may not sound like much, but it makes the sling grip and holds firmer, and makes it more comfortable to carry over long distances as well. The durability of the Claw Contour Sling is outstanding with the pad remaining flexible down to a frigid temperature of -40 degrees Fahrenheit, will not hold water like other slings, is U.V. stabilized, and is also odor resistant. As an added value, the Claw Contour Sling includes Hush Stalker II QD Metal Sling Swivels, which are two and a half times stronger than standard metal swivels, to attach to your rifle or shotgun right out of the box.