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ProFlex Rattlebag System

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WoodHaven’s ProFLEX Rattlbag System: The sound of two bucks antlers crashing and grinding together during battle is a deadly call during all phases of the whitetail rut.  This is why it is essential for a deer hunter to have this call easily accessible at all times.  With the ProFLEX Rattlebag System, WoodHaven has designed a very realistic system to produce authentic and realistic sounds of bucks in battle. What makes WoodHaven’s ProFLEX Rattlebag System different from other rattle bags? First, WoodHaven’s is designed with two bags instead of one to better replicate the sound of two different bucks fighting.  This two bag combination not only ads realism and inflection, but it adds that much needed volume when trying to get the attention of a mature buck at a long distance. The large bag represents the bass and the small bag reflects the treble sound which results in a stereo type affect.   The ProFLEX Rattlebag System comes complete with a shoulder harness for easy carrying and accessibility.  Simply adjust shoulder strap to desired size and place over shoulder.  The ProFlex Rattlebag fits firmly at your hip and will slide into position for easy operation.  After rattling sequence, there is no longer the problem of looking for a place to hang your rattling antlers.  With the ProFLEX Rattlebag System, you just slide rattle bags back to your hip area out of the way offering no hindrance in shooting.  The ProFLEX Rattlebag System is also fitted with WoodHaven’s Patent Pending “Silencer Sleeve”.  This sleeve easily slides on and off rattle bags to quietly carry in and out of the field.  WoodHaven’s ProFLEX Rattlebag System…..Realism UNLEASHED!  Made in the USA! Patent pending.