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Los Cazadores

Predator Contest Entry


2019 Los Cazadores Predator Contest 
March 2, 2019
 This Is A Texas Only Contest


All Hunting Must Be Done In Texas To qualify.

Registration ends and hunting begins at 12:00 PM on March 2, 2019 weigh-in is before or at 3:00 P.M. Sunday March 3, 2019 SHARP at Los Cazadores in Pearsall, Texas.

 Contest Rules: 

  1. Must follow all County, State, and Federal hunting laws. If you break a hunting law, your team WILL be disqualified! (This includes having a Texas hunting license.)
  2. 4 members maximum per team
  3. All team members must be present at weigh-in on Sunday to claim prize money
  4. All team members must hunt together at all times. No splitting up!
  5. All animals must be killed within this allotted time period for this hunting contest
  6. No trapped, snared, caged-raised, or frozen animals will be allowed
  7. No pooling of animals between teams
  8. No hunting in baited areas
  9. No modifying the weight of animals in any way. WE WILL NOT weigh wet animals.
  10. Trolling is legal! (Driving around while playing caller and/or shining a light)
  11. No use of Aircraft or dogs (Teams may use a dog to help find a wounded animal, but not to hunt.
  12. Decision of judges is FINAL. (JUDGES WILL BE HUNTING IN CONTEST)
  13. All winners are subject to a polygraph
  14. Entry can be completed online at or in person at Los Cazadores.


  1. Judges, sponsors, contestants and/or anyone affiliated with this contest are not responsible in the event of an accident and/or laws broken by a contestant or team. Be safe and be responsible!!


Scoring and Fees:
  Entry – $300 per team

($200 to main pot & $20 each category for side pots)


Main pot – Team with the highest total points wins!

1 pt. bonus for head shots ONLY

Mountain Lion – 50 pts. per animal

Bobcat – 15 pts. per animal

Coyote – 10 pts. per animal

Fox – 3 pts. per animal

Raccoon – 1 pt. per animal


Included Side Pot:

$ 20 goes into pot for each category

Heaviest Bobcat

Heaviest Coyote

Heaviest Fox 

Heaviest Raccoon 

Heaviest Hog


Main pot:

Pay out Subject to number of Entries

Example Payout for over 25 teams  (40%, 20%, 15%, 10% & 5%)


Side pots: Pays 1stplace per category 

In case of a tie Team entered first wins

 ALL winning teams will be subject to a polygraph test!