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Monarch 3000 Stabilized-LRF (ML910)

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Whether you're a hunter scouting prey in the distance, a golfer calculating yardage to the hole, or just need an accurate read on a distant object, the Nikon MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED Laser Rangefinder, 6x21mm will not disappoint. These Nikon Sport Optics by Range Finders have an effective range of nearly 2 miles (3,000 yards), which is plenty of ground to cover for hunting or golfing and triple the ranging capability of last year's model. The most intriguing feature of the MONARCH 3000 STABILIZED Yardage Locator is that it instantly stabilizes the image you see in the 6x monocular while simultaneously activating the HYPER READ function for incredibly fast and accurate measurements. This is especially useful when tracking moving animals on a hunt. While a one-handed device, this rangefinder can reduce the effects of vibration by a fifth or less, whether the vibration is caused by wind or hand movements. Golf courses and the wilderness have plenty of peaks and valleys which is why the ID (incline/decline) technology is essential - providing the horizontal distance to the target even when ranging at various incline or decline shooting angles. This is the perfect device for either golf or hunting because of the Tru-Target technology that delivers two different ranging modes: first target priority mode and distant target priority mode. It's also waterproof and fogproof making this the ultimate rangefinder for the outdoors. Get your Nikon MONARCH 3000 Advanced Rangefinder today for the most accurate and crisp readings on the market.