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McHenry,Mini Infidel, Otf Aut 3350BK



Product Info for Benchmade Mini-Infidel Out-the-Front 7.1" Automatic Knife

Benchmade Mini-Infidel Out the Front Auto Knife is a smaller version of the blasphemously effective Infidel double-sided dagger. Like its larger brother, this Benchmade knife features a double-edged spear point blade made from D2 tool steel, spanning over three inches long and highly resistant to corrosion and dulling. Benchmade has equipped the Bench Made Mini Infidel Double Edged OTF Dagger with an automatic out the front (OTF) blade deployment system that can be operated with one thumb using the large ambidextrous thumb slide on the handle. The knife's handle is made from anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and equipped with a removable deep-carry pocket clip, plus the integrated cleaning port makes maintaining the Mini-Infidel easy. For a highly responsive, automatically-opening double-edged dagger, choose the Bench-Made Miniature Infidel Auto Spear Point Knife.