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Western River Mantis Pro 400 Bluetooth Game Call



Walker's Game Ear lets you get more out of your hunt by getting more game in range for pictures or population control. The Mantis Pro 400 can store 400 sounds on its internal 1 GB memory and has an SD card slot to expand the number of calls. A 4" speaker provides 105 to 110 db of sound to let the calls be heard at greater ranges to get more answers to the calls. Bluetooth wireless allows you to send more calls from a paired device or Smartphone to let you match the day. The 300 yard remotes range let you call in animals yet have them far enough away not to spoke them easily. Bring in those critters and get the job done today. 

Specifications and Features:
Walker's Game Ear MP400
Mantis Pro 400
Bluetooth Wireless to stream audio or additional calls from a paired device such as a Smartphone
4" Reflex Loudspeaker (loudness: 105 to 110db)
1GB Internal Memory - stores 400 permanent sounds
SD card slot to expand call capacity
Two External jacks to accommodate secondary amplified speaker(s) for virtual surround functionality
External power jack and sync connector with mounting bracket for motorized decoy (Removable cover to expose mount and connector)
Auxiliary output to trigger motorized decoy (sync), in addition to motor sync connector
Sound overlay- allows two sounds to play simultaneously
Customizable quicksets
2-5 "calls" to play in set
Set = Random or Sequential play with Preset spacing distances between "calls" of 5 sec., 10 sec, 20 sec., 30 sec.
Powered by 8 AA batteries (batteries not included)
Jack for external power source (battery box)
Integrated/removable remote control
All functions are controlled thru remote
Remote control with 2.0" screen with 4 to 6 li nes of text/icons (LED backlit)
Up to 300 yards range for remote control
Remote to have the ability to trigger a custom function / sequence of calls (Quickset functions)
Backlit push button

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