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LCR Camera Mount



The LCR Camera Mount is the user-friendly camera mount. There is no need for Allen wrenches, wire, bungee cords, or straps. In the Texas Hill Country and South Texas, trees are not normally located in the ideal spots for mounting cameras. However, around most every feeder and readily available at every ranch are “t-posts.” One tool is needed to mount, adjust and secure the LCR Camera Mount, which is an adjustable wrench or pliers. Simply slide the mounting collar over your “t-post” and tighten down the mounting bolt. The LCR Camera Mount is vertically and horizontally adjustable.


This universal mount will secure any game camera with a ¼” -20 tread count mounting point, bank panel, or bottom mounting point (Bushnell, DLC Covert, LTL Acorn, Moultrie, Predator, Primos, Spypoint, Stealth Cam, Wildgame Innovation, and Wildview). The mount is a one-piece construction and fits any commercially available t-post (or any 2” or smaller post). The camera mounting bracket allows for 180 degrees of camera adjustment / rotation and full

90-degree vertical aim.

The LCR Camera Mount will outlast your game camera! 

Mounts are manufactured in Texas.