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Predator Mouse Squeaker

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An easy-to-use bellows call, the Mouse Squeaker produces the panicked sounds of a mouse in distress to lure in predators that dine on mice. When you use Knight & Hale’s Mouse Squeaker call, it’s practically like ringing a dinner bell for coyotes, bobcats, foxes and any other predator that calls mice a meal. Compact, easy to use and highly effective, this bellows call produces panicked mouse squeaks that range from soft and subtle to higher-pitched, more frantic tones for long-distance calling that lures wild predators in. Just squeeze the bulb!

• Mimics distressed mouse sounds with the squeeze of a bulb
• Highly effective on coyotes, bobcats, foxes and any other predator that dines on mice
• Loud squeaking sounds bring them in from a distance
• Very versatile: Easily goes from soft, subtle squeaks to higher-pitched tones for longer-range calling