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Knight & Hale EZ Gravity Bleat Deer Call

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Take your next hunting trip to a whole new level with the Knight & Hale EZ Gravity Bleat Deer Call. It is used as a contact call for fawns to express distress. It can also be used to simply let a buck know that a doe is nearby. The hunting call produces extremely natural-sounding doe bleats and bawls by simply turning it over. This also makes it a versatile piece to add to your gear. Used alone, the EZ Gravity Bleat attracts plenty of deer. It is constructed from durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance. The bleat call also boasts a one-handed operation, which allows hunters to use two calls at once to simulate multiple deer. The blaze orange caps makes it easy to find when they are needed, and it contains a silencer cap for convenience. With exceptional functionality, this hunting device will help you to bring your prey in closer.

  • Bleat call automatically produces natural-sounding doe bleats
  • Extremely easy to use; simply turn the unit upside down to call
  • Single-handed operation allows the user to engage other calls simultaneously
  • Silencer cap is included with the hunting call
  • Blaze orange cap makes it easy to find when needed