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Hunter's Specialties Strut Mega Hoot Gobbler Locator

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Make your next turkey hunt more effective and successful with the Strut Mega Hoot Gobbler Locator. This dynamic tool allows you to create lifelike calls that riles up turkeys in the larger vicinity, drawing them closer in range. Expertly crafted by Strut, this caller requires less air pressure than similar products, so you wont be left out of breath when it is time to make your shot. Keep the caller in your hunting bag to bag turkeys in the field or competition.
  • Mega Hoot Gobbler Locator allows you to hunt turkey more effectively
  • Delivers authentic tones that lure turkeys out in the open and closer to your range
  • Economic design requires less air pressure
  • Use out in the field or in competition
  • User friendly design appropriate for hunters of all skill levels from beginner to advanced