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GSM Outdoors SME Front and Rear Shooting Bags Pre-Filled

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When it's time to zero your rifle for the upcoming hunting season, you need a stable platform to shoot from. That's why you should have a set of Shooting Bags from GSM Outdoors and Shooting Made Easy. This SME Front and Rear Gun Rest features durable 600d polyester construction with reinforced stitching. The flannelette contact surfaces won't mar the stock of your favorite rifle. They are pre-filled with 100% plastic pellet filler and they have a quick connect to make them easier to carry. Water resistant and built to last, get a set of SME Shooting Bags from GSM Outdoors! 

Specifications and Features:
Shooting Made Easy SME-GRF 
Filled Front and Rear Shooting Bags 
Shooting Bags 
Easy to Carry 
Plastic Pellet Filler 
Reinforced Stitching 
600d Polyester Fabric 
Non-Marring Flannelette Contact Surface 
Weight 9 lbs