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GhostBlind Predator

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Ghost Blind Predator - How Does It Work? MIRRORS Reflective panels mirror the earths floor and natural surroundings. It's Like Having Thousands of Camo Patterns in One Blind Design Eliminates Any Unwanted Sun Reflections & Animal Movement Ghost Blind's design reflects the sun down to the ground. U.S. & Foreign Patents Pending. For hunters that like to sit comfortably in a chair. Use with gun, compound bow, cross bow or traditional bow. Has 4 reflective mirror panels. Dimensions: 102”W x 46”H. Lightweight – 12 lbs. Constructed with weather resistant polypropylene panels. Increase the height 7” with the optional Predator Extenders. Shoot gun or bow in seated position through shooting ports. Carry with the 2” carry strap or optional Deluxe Carry Bag. Quickly stake down blind with tent stakes & tie downs. Ghost Blind Predator, Includes: Blind, 2” carry strap, 4 tent stakes, 4 tie downs, 2 bungee cords & Instructions.