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Code Blue Field Elimination Wipes



Pre-moistened, unscented wipes easily get rid of the smells of pets, smoke and your own body, and rely on the patented Silver Scent Technology that uses medical-grade silver to put a stop to odor-causing bacteria.  Learn More at

■ Rub the wipes on your face, neck, arms and gear to block odors that could spook animals in the wild.
■ The patented formula channels medical-grade silver nanoparticles to trap and eliminate 3 types of microbes and prevent the growth of new odor-causing bacteria.
■ A resealable pouch provides simple access to the wipes, so you can easily refresh your scent suppression.
■ The unscented wipes are pre-moistened, making them a simple and ideal addition to your pack.
■ Package contains 20 wipes for multiple uses in the field and supplies enough for your hunting party.