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365 Archery

365 Archery Target 24"

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This will be the last archery target you will ever have to buy. 365 Archery's patent-pending design incorporates a novel center core cube that allows the archer to utilize all six sides of the center core before replacing it! Unlike other targets that typically can only be shot on two sides, our target can be shot on all six sides !

The 365 Archery proprietary "Self Sealing" Foam provides for superior stopping power even for crossbow bolts.

The outer target cradle, that contains the center core, provides for an increased target arrow area providing additional safety for errant shots and reducing or eliminating the need for additional back stops!

The targets come with a core support base providing additional target support and allows the target to be shot without anchoring the target to the ground!

When the six sides have been shot out, you can simply purchase a new center core at a fraction of the price of most typical targets on the market!