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Pearsall      Stonewall      Fredericksburg

22MP G45NG Moss Tree Camo

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 Staying in tune with your surroundings is easily one of the most important aspects of hunting, and with the newest model of the Stealth Cam G Series as your second set of eyes, you'll never miss new movement. Capable of shooting video in 1080P HD, this camera offers the clearest picture for you to analyze. Utilizing new technologies like retina low light sensitivity, reflex trigger, matrix blur reduction, and geo-tagging, this camera is ready to be your new favorite. Useful in low light conditions as well as during the day, this 22 megapixel camera stores images, video, and time lapse images on an easily removable SD card. Let the Stealth Cam G Series be your second set of eyes so you can focus on your next mark.