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Los Cazadores

2018 Deer Contest Entry



Los Cazadores is home to the world's largest Whitetail Deer contest. Each year, hundreds of the biggest bucks from around the state of Texas are individually scored at Los Cazadores in Pearsall, TX in this annual tradition. Entries in to each year's contest are only eligible if the deer is scored at Los Cazadores. 

*Please note, if you are entering multiple contestants in to the contest, you will need to add each entry to your cart separately so their name and date of birth can be tracked individually.

Please see a complete list of rules here: 2018 Contest Rules.

1. Membership - There are four levels of membership:
1) The Annual Membership at an annual cost of $35.00.
2) The Special Youth membership for 12 years old and under is FREE these entrants will only compete within the Special Youth Division. Special Youth entrants are not eligible for other divisions within the contest unless they pay the annual membership fee of $35.00 prior to harvesting his/her animal

3) The Special Youth membership for 12 years old and under is $35 annually if entering any of the other non-youth categories in the contest.

4) The special lifetime membership for a onetime payment of $500.00.

Annual memberships are from August 1 through May 31 of the following year; regardless of which date within that twelve months a person may have paid their membership cost. Persons shall register for membership by mail, via the internet, or at our physical location in Pearsall, Texas. Only one membership per hunter is required and only one award per hunter will be awarded for qualifying entrants in the Los Cazadores Deer Contest. Persons may however submit multiple entries for the contest.

By purchasing a membership entry, you agree to the 2018 Contest Rules.