Contest FAQ

los cazadores deer contest

What is the contest?

Los Cazadores was founded by Darwin Avant in 1986 in Cotulla, TX and has since moved to Pearsall and Stonewall, TX. The Los Cazadores Contest is now the world’s largest whitetail deer contest in the world, however it is not limited to just whitetail! Over the span of 35 years, we have added new divisions and species to Los Cazadores to make it the most fun and fair contest you can be a part of.

When does the contest start and end?

The Los Cazadores Contest starts on opening day of Whitetail Archery season in Texas and wraps up with the end of the general season in South Texas. To learn more about the dates, click here.

Who can enter the contest?

Anyone, any age, can enter the contest! There’s a spot for everyone to compete and enjoy the experience.

What can I win in the Contest?

Los Cazadores has annually given out jackets for those who have qualified and/or won a category. Category winners will also receive a plaque along with their jacket. These prizes also come with the ultimate bragging rights!

How do I get my prize once I’ve won?

We have an annual awards day at Stonewall and Pearsall where you can pick up your prizes, take photos, and celebrate. To keep track of our Awards Days, follow us on Instagram or Facebook!

After our Awards Days, we do offer shipping to those who couldn’t make it out to celebrate. You’ll just need to give us a call!

What is the weekly contest?

The weekly contest is one of the most competitive elements of Los Cazadores. Each week of deer season we host a different contest. Such as “10 point closest to 150” or “Longest Spike”. You have to be registered for the contest to compete in the weekly’s. Also, the animal has to be harvested and checked into Pearsall or Stonewall of that week to qualify. The prizes for the weekly contest consist of about $3000 worth of prizes from various sponsors.

What scoring method does Los Cazadores use?

Since 2019, we have scored every single deer in the contest using Trophy Scan, the ultimate 3D scoring software. This technology allows us to score down to the thousandth of an inch and you will walk away with a score sheet (Boone & Crockett gross) and a 3D photo/GIF of your animal. Check out Trophy Scan to see what all they can do.

When will I see my photo on the leaderboard/ website?

Once you have checked into the contest, received a score and have turned in your field photo, you should see yourself on the leaderboard within one business week.

What qualifies for a jacket?

Any animal that has met the minimum score requirements for your respective division and/ or has placed in a category. Example, for the Low Fence Division the minimum score is 170 + B&C to get a jacket but if you are leading the biggest 8 point, you will receive a jacket for placing in  that category. 

Can I win more than one jacket?

You are welcome to bring in as many animals as you wish, however you can only win one category. If you qualify for winning multiple categories, you must declare which one you want to win and you will receive your jacket for that category.

Where do I send my field photo?

Please send all field photos to and use your name as the subject line.

What is the difference between the $0 Special youth and the $40 special youth entries?

The free youth entry means that anyone 12 and under can compete within the special youth division. Paying the $40 youth entry fee means that you can compete within Special Youth and any other division in the contest.

What does an Annual Membership include?

The Los Cazadores Annual Membership includes your entry into the contest, entry into the drawing for a $40,000 Red Stag hunt in New Zealand with Venator, a 10% discount in the store (exclusions apply) entry into the Turkey Contest & Shed Contest and exclusive perks.

What is the open division?

The open division is for any deer that has been in a breeding facility and/or been released from a breeding program. This includes deer that have been purchased and transferred to any ranch and released. “Open” deer have a tag hole and tattoos in their ear. We check all ears in the contest to determine if the deer goes into the open. Any deer brought into the contest that does not have ears to check (skull capped), will automatically be put in the open division. A good rule of thumb is to always bring contest deer in with ears intact. However, that is not required.

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