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Mantis Pro 400



The Mantis Pro 400 Bluetooth is wireless to stream audio or additional calls from a paired device, such as a smartphone. Features durable ABS construction, swiveling legs, 4" reflex loudspeaker (loudness 105 to 110db) and 32MB internal memory- that stores 400 permanent sounds, two external GB internal memory that sores 400 permanent sounds, SD card slot to expand call capacity, jacks to accomadate secondary amplified speaker for vrtual surround functionality, external power jack and sync connector with mounting bracket for motorized decoy (removable cover to expose mount and connector), auxiliary output to trigger motorized decoy (sync) in addition to motor sync conector. Integrated/removable remote control, all functions are controlled thru remote, remote control with backlit screen with 4 to 6 lines of text/icons- up to 300 yards for remote control. Backlit push button. Calls included wolf, elk, deer, hog, turkey, bobcat, coyote, moose, rabbit, duck, fox and many more. Powered by 8 AA batteries (not included).