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L.M. Easterling Custom Boot Company 

Lloyd and Mary Easterling’s expertise came long before they started L.M. Easterling Custom Boot Company in 1992 in El Paso, Texas.


Lloyd’s technical prowess comes from half a century of bootmaking, but even more just being surrounded by boots before getting into the industry himself. Boots are in Lloyd’s blood - his father was in the industry too. For 26 years, Lloyd worked for Acme Boot Company. During a number of those years, he was responsible for all Texas Operations, including Lucchese Boot Company.


But if Lloyd is the leather to make the boots, it is Mary who plays the role of the stitches and glue holding it all together. Her expertise is rooted in decades of banking, marketing, and seamless operations.


The duo has taken on clientele that include Former heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, Dallas Cowboy Tony Dorsett, and iconic musician Whisperin’ Bill Anderson, just to name a few.


Between the foot outline, foot imprint, partial foot mold, foot form, and detailed measurements, the Easterlings make boots that are not only incredibly comfortable, they’re also the perfect boot for you.


And between the wide array of hides to choose from, including stingray, shark, alligator, ostrich, elephant, cow (that’s certainly not all - visit our shop to see the various hides), and choosing any pattern or stitched design you can think of, your L.M. Easterling boots are uniquely yours, and fit specifically for your feet.


Folks across the world are wearing L.M. Easterling Custom Boots. The decades worth of experience, and fine attention to detail have made these boots in a class of their own. See for yourself. 

L.M. Easterling Boot Company 


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