Easterling Custom Boots


L.M. Easterling Custom Boot Company 

Lloyd and Mary Easterling started L.M. Easterling Custom Boot Company and Factory in El Paso, Texas in 1992.  In 1997, they expanded their retail operation to Fredericksburg, Texas while their boots continued to be made in their El Paso Factory.  Along with Lloyd, two Master boot-makers and an apprentice work to give their customers that great custom fit.  Prior to 1992, Lloyd worked for Acme Boot Company for twenty six years and was responsible for all Texas operations including running Lucchese Boot Company for four years.  Mary has a background in banking and marketing that were put to good use during the past twenty eight years of their company’s business.

L.M. Easterling Custom Boot Company has now merged with Los Cazadores which will allow for future growth due to increased staffing and technology advancements.  There is now a Trophy Scan 3D foot scanning app that allows Lloyd to scan and 3D print a customer’s foot that we believe will revolutionize the custom boot making industry.

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